once based near the north coast of the wonderful island of Sardinia, eja.it is an open source software development company with extensive experience in embedded jeos appliances...


a forking and extensible micro web server written in C and Lua that can serve static files and dynamic generated Lua pages. It can also run Lua scripts from the command line or as an interactive shell; scripts can be compiled to portable bytecode.

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a web based php/mysql framework for relational data managment.

Only version 0.1 (trademaster) available at present.

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a console iax (asterisk) client; it can work with a soundcard as a normal voip phone, taking input/output from keyboard, analogic/gsm/isdn modem or bluetooth phones.

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an asterisk administration web interface based on tibula that can manage pre and post paid accounts, providers, group rates, accounting, contacts, alias, web to phone filtering, mail to phone, mp3 to phone, online radio or tv to phone, phone to mail, live promotions, local geographic numbering, forwarding and callback.

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an init clone to start a crypted and crunched linux server.

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an internet point and cybercafe gnu/linux gtk client.

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